Born Pretty Store Gold Nail Stickers Review

This week I have a review for another product from Born Pretty Store - Gold Nail Stickers.

This is the full sheet with the stickers. There are many different designs perfect for any occasion. The quality is very good. The stickers have very sticky back, so you have to be very careful when you place them on the nail, because you won't be able to move them. There are different sizes of the stickers, so they are perfect for long and especially wide nails. If you have small nails, you have to cut the design as you want, to fit your nails. You can create a lot of different and unique nail designs with this gold stickers. They are available in silver color too. The price is $3.71. You can find and purchase the stickers here.

Here are the stickers on my nails:

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Check out the video tutorial:


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