Black French Manicure With Nail Foil Nail Art Tutorial

The nail foils are great way to add something unique to your nails. There are plenty of different designs and colours. I have this holographic nail foil from Born Pretty Store. You can find it here for $1.99. This one is really shiny and it looks very good over dark nail polish. 

You can use special glue to apply the nail foil, but it's ok if you don't have one. You just have to wait until the polish is tacky, but not completely dry or wet. You have to be able to gently touch the polish without leaving any prints. Then you just place the foil, push it gently and remove it. 
You don't have to apply a top coat, because you will lose some of the shine of the nail foil. 

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You can watch how to apply the nail foil on the video below:


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