Steampunk Gears Stamping Nail Art Design Tutorial (Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper)

For this weeks manicure I used the Born Pretty Store clear jelly stamper for the first time, and I can say that I'm very impressed. These clear stampers are just awesome. I picked mine in white colour, but there are also available in pink and purple. You can find it here for $2.99. 
It's really easy to work with the stamper. It picks up the images very well even with a regular polish. The best thing is that you can see through the stamper and place the image wherever you want. You can clean it very easy too, using a piece of tape.
If you are still wondering if you need another new stamper in your collection, you definitely need this one. It's awesome, cheap and you will love it. 

For the nail art design I used the stamper with the HEHE 011 stamping plate and a regular gold polish. 

I created really cool steampunk nail art design with gold gears on a black background. You can watch the video below for a tutorial.

For 10% off from the Born Pretty Store site you can use this code: MUK31

Video tutorial:


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