Summer Nautical Water Decals Nail Art Design - Nicole Diary Review

Hello everyone! In todays post I'll show you a really cute nail art design using water decals. I really love them, they are easy to use and your manicure will always look great. For the manicure I used these nautical decals from Nicole Diary. You can find them here.

You can find their shops on Amazon and Aliexpress. Here are the links: Amazon store and Aliexpress store. They offer a great variety of nail art stamping plates, water decals, rhinestones, stampers and a lot more. Their products can be shipped internationally. 
If you make an order you can use this coupon code Ma2016 in the order note, and they will send you small gift worth $2 - $5. 
For the manicure I started with dark blue polish (Golden Rose Color Expert 51) on the thumb, index and little finger, and white polish on the middle and ring finger. I added the nautical water decal on the ring finger, and an anchor metal decoration on the middle finger. I finished with a top coat. 

I really liked these summer nautical water decals. They are perfect for the beach or a party. You will get 1 sheet with 10 designs, enough for all fingers. These water decals are really long and they can fit any type of nails. 


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