Floral Water Decals Nail Art Design Tutorial (Born Pretty Store Review)

Hi guys. For todays manicure I used some floral water decals from Born Pretty Store. You can find them here for $2.59. You will get 1 sheet with 4 different floral patterns perfect for the summer and spring time. These water decals are really long, so they will fit any type of nails. If you order something from the site you can use this coupon code for 10% off: MUK31

For the nail art design I started with light green polish on the thumb and index finger, white polish on the middle and ring finger, and yellow polish on the little finger. I applied the water decals over the white base and finished with a top coat. 

What you need:
- light green, yellow and white polish
- a top coat
- water decals

Video tutorial:


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