Vintage Flowers And Birds Nail Art Design - Nicole Diary Review

When I saw these water decals from Nicole Diary I immediately thought about something vintage. I really like vintage style and I coudn't wait to wear these decals. They are a mixture of cool toned floral designs and a bunch of different birds. You can find them here. In this pack you will get 5 full floral designs and 12 birds.

I started this nail art design with dark grey-green polish (Golden Rose Color Expert 92) on all nails. On the ring finger I added one of the floral water decals and a bird on the index finger. It's really easy to work with the water decals, just follow these steps:
- cut the design you want
- remove the foil (very important step, otherwise the decals won't work)
- put the decals in water for 20 seconds
- place them on a napkin to absorb the water
- slide the decal from the paper
- apply the water decal on the nails
- seal with a top coat

You can find the Nicole Diary products on their shops on Aliexpress and Amazon. They sell a lot of stamping plates, water decals, stampers and more. If you order something you can use this coupon code Ma2016 in the order note and they will send you a free gift worth $2-$5.


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