Watermelon Inspired Nail Art Design Tutorial

One of the best fruits in the summer? Definitely the watermelon. It's sweet, fresh and delicious. I decided to create this easy and cute manicure inspired by the watermelon. This nail art design is perfect for the summer and for all watermelon lovers. 
To create this design start with green polish on the little finger and bright pink polish on the other nails. On a sponge add pink, white and green and dab on the nail to create the ombre effect. Add some black seeds with a dotting tool. Finish with a matte top coat. For full tutorial check out the video below.

What you need:
- green, pink and white polish
- a sponge
- a dotting tool
- a matte top coat

Check out the video for a tutorial:


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  2. I like this watermelon design. The blogs like yours and websites like http://nailartstyle.com/top-45-light-pink-acrylic-nails inspire me on making nails. Where did you get this wonderful idea?