Autumn Glitter Leaves Stamping Nail Art Design (31DC2016)

Todays theme for the 31 day challenge is glitter. I wanted to do something autumn related for today. 
I started with two coats of white polish (Golden Rose Color Expert 02) on the middle and ring finger, and very dark red polish (Impala 33) on the other nails. Then I applied gold glitter polish on the tips of the nails, using a piece of sponge. For the leaves I used design from BP-19 stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. I stamped them with dark red polish and clear jelly stamper. I decided to fill the middle of the leaves with gold glitter polish. I filmed a tutorial for this look, so you can check it out below. 
It turns out so pretty fall nail art design. I really like the combination of dark red with gold glitter. This manicure is so perfect for the upcoming season and it's one of my favourite. 

Check out the video tutorial here: 


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  1. Very lovely! I love how delicate the gold glitter is on your fingertips, and how you added little touches of it to the leaves.