Golden Orchid Stamping Nail Art Design (31DC2016)

The theme for day 21 of the 31 day challenge is inspired by a color. For my inspiration today I'm using one of my favourite nail polishes from my collection - Flormar 394 Golden Orchid. It's very beautiful gold polish with holographic effect. 
I applied two coats of the polish as my base. For the orchid design I used an image from HK-06 stamping plate, which I got from Aliexpress. I made the design using the reverse stamping technique. I picked up the image with my stamper and filled the flowers with gold polish, and the leaves with green polish. Then I put one coat of top coat to create the decal. When it dried I took it from the stamper and applied it on my ring finger. 
It turns out very lovely floral design and I'm really happy with it. 


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