Nicole Diary Stamping Plate ND006 Review

Todays post is a review of a stamping plate, perfect for the summer time and all nautical related manicures. 
The stamping plate is ND006 from the brand Nicole Diary. They sell nail art decorations, stamping plates, nail polishes, water decals and a lot more. You can find their shops on Amazon and Aliexpress. If you order something you can use this coupon code Ma2016 in the order note and they will send you a small gift worth $2-$5. 
The stamping plate has classic round shape. There are 8 different designs all nautical related - a lot of different anchors, a lighthouse and a knot. There is just one image for a whole nail.

All stamping plates from Nicole Diary have cute cardboard sleeve for storage. There is a hole in the back, so you can easily find the plate you want. 

The plate has very good quality. The images transfer very well on the stamper and on the nails. I used black stamping polish also from Nicole Diary. You can read more about it in this blog post. You can purchase the plate here for $0.99. Here are some of the designs on my nails.

Here is a nail design I made, using this stamping plate: 


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