Glitter Powder, Stamping Set And Nail Polish Holder Review (

Hello! In today's post I'll show you some things that I've received from They are an online shop with a various of products. You can find a lot of nail art tools, nail polish, stampers, decals and more. They also sell clothes and accessories. They also have another site: , where they sell hair extensions. So let's begin.
I'm starting with this chameleon glitter powder. It comes in a little container with an applicator. The container is sealed, so the powder is very well protected. You can find it here. There are six different colours available. Mine is #3. 

It's very easy to work with this nail art glitter powder. You just dip the applicator in the glitter and then you can apply it on the nails. I used black polish as a background, so you can easily see the chameleon effect.

The next product is a stamping set, which contains 13 different stamping plates (10 small round plates and 3 large rectangle plates) and 2 different stampers with scrapers. You can find the set here. Both stampers work great. I really like the jelly stamper, it's good quality and it has a cap, so the stamper is protected when you don't use it. 

And the last item is pretty cool and handy for all nail polish lovers. It's a plastic holder for the nail polish bottle. You know when your polish is half way down and you have to tilt it so you can reach the polish - this holder is the perfect solution. I tried it with different bottle shapes and they all fit. You can adjust the holder in many different angles, so you can use every drop of your nail polish. You can find it here. It's very easy to fold it too, so you can store it or take it with you. 


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