Beauty Big Bang Holographic Peacock Powder

Hello! A few weeks ago, I was approached by Beauty Big Bang, and they offered me to try out some of their products. I received my package last week, so I'm here today with my first review of one of the items.
In this post I'll show you the Holographic peacock chameleon nail powder (SKU:J2952-9A). The powder comes in a little pot with two sponge applicators. There are 12 different colours to choose from - mine is 9a. 

These powders works best with a gel polish, but I don't use gel, so you'll see how it looks like over a regular black polish. The application is really easy. You just dip the applicator in the powder and then rub in onto the nails. As you can see on the pictures below the powder works great with a regular polish too. The first two pictures are on a sunlight, and the other two - artificial light. The holographic effect is pretty cool, especially on a sunlight. You can see how I applied the powder on the video below. 

Video tutorial:

If you buy something from the Beauty Big Bang site, you can use my coupon code: MNA 1 for 10% off.


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