New Year's Eve Foil Fireworks Nail Art Design Tutorial

The last blog post for this year is, of course, about the New Year's Eve. I love wearing glitter for the last night of the year, but this time I've decided to make some fireworks on my nails. 
For the background I applied very dark blue-black polish (Flormar PL 398 Blue Black), but you can also use and black polish as well. With a foil glue and thin brush I made the fireworks, and when the glue dried I added some gold, red and purple nail foils. I finished with a water based top coat from Essence. Check out the video below for full tutorial.
This design is very easy to do and it's perfect if you're not a big fan of all the glitter. 
I wish you all Merry Christmas and I'll be here again in the new year with more nail art designs!

Video tutorial:


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