Red And Gold Glitter Gel Polish French Manicure Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello! In todays post I've decided to show you some gorgeous gel polishes from Born Pretty Store
I really like the colour combination of these polishes - the red glitter looks very pretty with the gold gel polish. The application is easy and you get full coverage in two coats. You can find the combo here. You'll get 2 bottles of 10ml each for just $4.99, which is a great price for gel polish. 
For my manicure I started with two coats of the gold polish, curing every layer for 30 seconds in UV led lamp (you have to cure for 2 minutes, if you're using regular UV lamp), and then I made the french manicure with the red glitter gel polish. Check out the video below for full tutorial.
These two colours are perfect for Christmas manicures, or something for Valentine's day. 


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