How To Remove Gel Polish At Home + Video Tutorial

Hello! As you know gel polish manicures are pretty amazing with their long-lasting finish and awesome high shine, and it's very important to remove it properly if you don't want to ruin your nails. So today I'll show you how to remove the gel polish at home.
  1. File the top layer of the gel polish with a nail file
  2. Take a small piece of cotton ball and soak it with 100% acetone
  3. Place the cotton ball on the nail and secure it with a nail clip. If you don't have nail clips you can use a piece of a tin foil, but it's way easier and faster with nail clips
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes
  5. Remove the clips and the cotton balls and clean the nails with a wooden stick or a cuticle pusher. Do it very carefully and gentle
  6. Clean your hands with water
  7. Apply a cuticle oil to moisturize the nails

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