Rose Gold Glitter And Marble Gel Polish Nails Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello! In today's post I'll show you how to create marble effect on your nails using gel polish.
I started with one coat of black gel polish on my thumb, index and little finger and cured it in a UV led lamp. On the other nails I've used rose gold gel polish from Born Pretty Store. You can find it here. (10% off code: MUK31)
You'll need white gel polish and gel top coat for the marble effect. Place a drop of each one on a tin foil and mix them with a thin brush. Apply the second coat of black polish and DON'T cure. Add thin wavy lines and when you're happy with the result cure with the UV lamp. Finish with a gel top coat. Check out the video below for full tutorial.
It turns out really elegant marble nail art design. You can even wear it on your prom or any special occasion.


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