Born Pretty Store Holographic Chameleon Magnetic Cat Eye Gel Polish

Hello! For this week's manicure I've used two products from Born Pretty Store - magnetic cat eye gel polish and magnetic stick. 
The polish is holographic and there are five colours to choose from. Mine is #3 Pillars of Eternity. It's a mixture of green and pink. The green is visible on a sun light, and the pink - on an artificial light. I think this gel polish is great for a galaxy nail art design too. It's very shiny and the effect is really cool. You can find it here
The magnet stick is dual ended and it's perfect for creating a lot of unique nail art designs. You can find it here
For the application I started with a gel base coat, followed by two layers of black gel polish (cure every layer in a UV lamp). Then I applied one coat of the magnetic polish. I held the magnet stick close to the nail for a couple of seconds and then I cured in the lamp. I finished with a gel top coat. 


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