Matte Cutout Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello! It's time for a new nail art design. This one is very easy and perfect for the summer time.
For the manicure I've used nail art stencils (SKU: J7408) from Beauty Big Bang. You get 24 sheets with a lot of different patterns. You can make beautiful french manicures, or something more interesting. They stick very well to the nail and they are very easy to use. You can find them here.
For my nail art design, I've started with sticking the stencil on my nail and then I applied pink and purple polish (Golden Rose Rich Color 67 and Golden Rose Rich Color 47). On the other nail I've used light blue and salmon polish (Golden Rose Rich Color 50 and Golden Rose Rich Color 74). It's best to use nail polish that look good with one layer. When I applied the polishes I removed the stencil and finished with a matte top coat.


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